Precision Testing
As a Service

We handle the complexity around lab management, kit design and delivery, logistics, regulatory reporting, security and consumer engagement so that you can focus on your business and customers.


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1health gives you personalized products to better engage your customer

Choose from our selection of personalized products to create your ideal customer experience

Personalized diet plans including recommended calories, macronutrient breakdown and menus.
Personalized exercise plans based on the customer's goals and current exercise routine.
Genetic Traits
Likelihood of having dozens of genetic traits related to metabolism, exercise. nutrient levels, and other wellness concerns.
Personalized daily packs of supplements tailored to the customer's needs.
Breakdowns of the ethnic regions the customer comes from.
Nutrition consultation
One-on-one messages with a trained nutritionist about any dietary concerns.
Easily distribute and display results for at-home tests including COVID-19, DNA, blood and microbiome.

How you can benefit from 1health

No matter your position or industry, 1health gives you the powerful tools necessary to grow your business with complete personalization

Tailored to customers’ individual needs

By getting to know your customers, you can provide them with exactly what they need.

Secure and private

All personal health information is secured in our private cloud that is trusted by many partner brands.

Easy to understand reporting

Simple reporting allows you to understand who your customers are to optimize your marketing efforts.

Quick & easy implementation

The 1health platform has scientifically backed recommendations and commerce infrastructure built right in. Easy integration lets you start providing a personalized experience in months not years.

Increase revenue from your customers

Personalization creates a highly engaging customer experience. When combined with convenient packaging and delivery, customers are more likely to become long-term subscribers.

Use your existing data for hyper-personalization

Incorporate the data you already have to customize the platform to your needs.

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