1health’s First-of-its-Kind Vaccine Verification Tool Enables California’s Large Venues to Reopen Safely on June 15

1health’s revolutionary open API and HIPAA-compliant platform will provide state’s larger venues a path to vaccination verification via California’s official central database.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 1health, a leader in HIPAA-compliant digital medical record management, announces an exclusive turnkey solution to help California’s larger venues clear the crowds for entry by gathering and officially validating COVID-19 vaccination records with the state.

On June 15 as California lifts many social distancing and occupancy limitations, the state’s larger venues will reopen under new guidelines, requiring them to verify their attendees’ vaccination status. To do so, they’ll need access to California’s (IIS) Immunization Information System, the central database where all of the state’s vaccination records are stored.

Ramping up from 20% to 100% capacity levels will create a much-needed economic shift. However, the state will now require large, indoor facilities of 5,000+ to follow the guidelines and is highly advising the state’s outdoor venues of 10,000+ attendees to do the same.

California’s stadiums, arenas, and concert and theater halls must now verify hundreds of thousands of attendees’ vaccination records, presenting an entirely new set of population management challenges. Most of California’s 75 arenas are not equipped to intake and manage this sensitive patient data and indeed lack the software needed to verify vaccine status across populations.

“As California’s stadiums, convention centers, and venues do the hard work to reopen to full capacity, 1health is empowering venues and sports teams to focus on what they do best,” says 1health Co-Founder Al Hariri. “1health removes the risks of handling private health information, providing them with a HIPAA-compliant platform and ensuring their attendees’ vaccinations are verified with the state’s ISS and meet all necessary verification and testing requirements.”

1health, offering its groundbreaking verification tracker Safe & Clear and validation tool Trust & Verify, removes the burden from stadium managers of having to verify or store sensitive and personal vaccination data, thus mitigating the venue’s risk and liability.  Using 1health’s aggregated dashboard, admins can easily visualize and analyze their attendees’ testing and vaccination data with a simple green, yellow, and red validation system.

Vaccinated fans can upload their vaccination cards to the secure HIPAA-compliant platform. Featuring a first-of-its-kind open API and vaccine verification tool, the platform can perform a lookup with the state’s Immunization Information System (IIS), the same database that tracks all of the state’s immunization records, including flu and COVID shots. Access to this sensitive system is carefully controlled, but 1health’s software, portal and process meet the strict security requirements.

For more information and to learn how you can deploy this end-to-end vaccination reporting, monitoring and verification platform for your venue or workforce, please visit https://1health.io/vaccination-solution/

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