American Molecular Labs selects 1health for its DTC Test and Ordering Platform


American Molecular Laboratories (AML) specializes in the diagnosis of infection, disease, and early detection cancer screening predominantly in the gastrointestinal tract. The Company is most notable for its proprietary Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacterial test.

H. pylori is one of the most common chronic bacterial infections found in humans, affecting approximately 4.4 billion individuals worldwide (Hooi et al., 2017Global Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori Infection: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Gastroenterology), and it is considered a major contributor to the pathogenesis of peptic ulcer disease and other gastric malignancies including cancer and mucosa-associated lymphoid. H. pylori infection is one of the leading causes of Antibiotic resistance in the world and AML’s PyloriDx is the new gold standard to facilitate the most effective antibiotic treatment for H pylori.

The new partnership between 1health and American Molecular Laboratories will enable AML to establish a market presence, selling its food sensitivity, food allergy, and other patent-pending tests, into the direct-to-consumer lab testing market which is forecast to grow at a 22.6% compound annual growth rate over the next ten years, hitting $8.8 billion by 2031 according to research group, Transparency Marketing in its report “North America Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing Market Insights, 2021-2031” published in Q1 2022.

“We have a strong science team that is driving innovation, accuracy, and efficiency within American Molecular Labs. Because of this unique differentiator, we can offer products that are reliable, easy to collect, and affordable,” states President & Founder, Sam Zhang. “Now, with the 1health platform, we have a solution that enables us to offer some of our most popular tests, at competitive price points, directly to consumers, clinicians, and even other lab partners. We are able to deploy these tests quickly and end-to-end which gives us another competitive advantage in the marketplace,” Zhang adds.

1health offers clinical and direct-to-consumer solutions that connect into its platform enabling labs to sell tests to their customers via an intuitive user portal. The lab can then manage patient information securely, including kit registration, sample tracking, notifications, and reporting, among a host of other features.

“American Molecular Laboratories offers the only test in the world, its H. pylori test, that uses a non-evasive mechanism to test gastric malignancies, including certain types of cancer and lymphomas. This test can help save thousands of lives,” states 1health CEO Mehdi Maghsoodnia. “Now, with our platform, AML can now take this highly-specialized test and its other innovative health and wellness tests to many channels, including selling to physicians, labs, and consumers,” Maghsoodnia continues.

“We are proud they have selected the 1health platform to meet their needs in both the clinical and direct-to-consumer markets,” added Maghsoodnia.

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