DTC Lab Testing: Innovative Next-Gen Platform Launched for Broad GTM Reach

The US Healthcare industry is quickly moving towards precision care driven by advanced testing and result analysis. For example, according to Adroit Market Research, the personalized medicine market is expected to grow to $800 Billion by 2028, a 7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). 

To Americans this new capability means that physicians can personalize medical treatments based on a person’s genomic data and patients have more control over their own healthcare. However, today, next generation testing has not been affordable nor accessible to the masses.  In fact, next generation testing is only available to the top 1%.

1health is on a mission to change those statistics.

LabPulse recently interviewed 1health CEO, Mehdi Maghsoodnia, about how the software company has built a modern diagnostic platform to help laboratories introduce innovative next generation testing and launch products into new markets faster. 

“What is clear today is that clinicians need more precise patient health information so that they can tailor the care pathway and deliver better medical outcomes,” stated Maghsoodnia. “The 1health platform is designed to help our lab partners rapidly launch their tests, offer better turn around times, and deliver the results to the patients and clinicians faster whilst making advanced testing affordable and accessible” he continued.

The 1health platform is a modern, secure cloud solution, which means no software needs to be installed. Instead, the platform can connect to the lab’s LIM/LIS system and allows complex testing like genetic and molecular tests to be launched in days, not weeks or months, enabling those tests to be published and ordered by any of the clinicians on the platform quickly.

The platform is designed to eliminate pain points like time-consuming integration processes, incomplete forms, and inaccurate data. As a result of these capabilities, the lab is assured that orders are complete and can be rapidly ordered by physicians or healthcare providers. In addition, labs can submit for insurance reimbursement quickly. 

“The 1health platform handles simple and complex workflows and captures all required information before running a test – which, in turn, increases lab reimbursements and reduces delays in the payment cycle,” stated Maghsoodnia.  “In addition, labs can use 1health to launch their direct to consumer brand,” added Maghsoodnia.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the market needed rapid testing deployed via many different workflows. Ease-of-use was critical during this time but now, as the demand for Covid testing declines, labs need to reach new markets and grow revenue to stay relevant. In addition, labs are seeing a growing demand for genetic testing and the need for a modern patient experience because of advancements in biotechnology and the dramatic drop in at-home testing costs.

“It is important to understand that almost 90% of care decisions start with a test,” stated Maghsoodnia.  “So having those tests completed accurately and getting those results delivered to the right people at the right time in order to drive precision medicine is critical in reducing healthcare costs and saving more lives. For these reasons, we are inspired every day to do even more for our customers,” ends Maghsoodnia.

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