GC LabTech Launches Partnership with 1health to Deploy Innovative Lab Tests


Next generation 1health technology enables GC LabTech to quickly launch differentiated testing products to consumers

The new partnership between 1health and GC LabTech enables GC LabTech to sell its innovative new health and wellness tests into the $1 billion direct-to-consumer lab testing market which is forecasted to grow to $8.8 billion by 2031 according to research group, Transparency Marketing in its report “North America Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Testing Market Insights, 2021-2031” published in Q1 2022. 

Known for its highly accurate, optimized efficiency, and fast turnaround service, GC LabTech is applying its high-performance lab testing capabilities to the direct-to-consumer segment.  

Previously, GC Lab Tech had explored the direct-to-consumer market but found it did not have the front-end or back-end infrastructure to launch the tests to the consumer.  

“We hired a team to understand how to package the product, sell it online, collect the patient and  medical necessity information and more but we soon recognized that building a solution ourselves was not feasible,” states GC LabTech Chief Operating Officer, Brian Clark. 

“Partnering with 1health gave us the technology and services we need to go to market without having to build the infrastructure or make the heavy investment,” continued Clark.  “1health was the missing link we needed to sell our lab testing products directly to consumers,” adds Clark.   

1health offers a direct-to-consumer solution that connects to its platform enabling labs to sell tests to consumers via an intuitive eCommerce storefront and then manage patient information securely, including kit registration, sample tracking, notifications, and reporting, among a host of other features. 

“As one of the premier, emerging plasma testing labs in the USA, GC LabTech understands the need to capitalize on the direct-to-consumer market as it grows at an estimated 22% CAGR. We are delighted that they selected 1health platform to meet their needs in this growing market and beyond,” states 1health CEO Mehdi Maghsoodnia.

To read the press release click HERE

To learn more about GC LabTech Laboratory go to their website at www.gclabtech.com

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