COVID-19 Solutions

Harness onsite tests with our accredited lab network to identify and mitigate your risk.

Easily deploy COVID testing to identify and mitigate your risk.

COVID-19 Testing

1health offers an array of COVID-19 tests as well as end-to-end tracking services that can help your organization keep your teams, customers and the people you interact with safe and productive.

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FDA Cleared Rapid, PCR, and Antigen Tests

Simply order the test(s) and perform on-site.

When applicable, tests are completed by our network of accredited laboratory within 24-48 hours.

Integrations or turnkey platforms are available to enable easy ordering and results management.

RT-PCR At-Home
Saliva Test

  • Self-Administer At-Home or On-The-Go
  • Results in 24-48 Hours

At-Home Nasal
Swab Test

  • Self-Administer At-Home or at a
    Doctor’s Office
  • Results in 30 Minutes

Antibody Blood
Sample Test

  • Finger-Prick, HCP Assisted
  • Results in 15 minutes or Less

Antibody Blood
Sample Test

  • Finger-Prick, HCP Assisted
  • Results in 20 minutes or Less

Antigen Nasal
Swab Test

  • Fast & Easy, HCP Assisted
  • Results in as Little as 10 minutes
  • Symptomatic & Asymptomatic Testing

Keep Your Population Safe With Seamless Vaccination Lookup and Verification Services.

Vaccine Lookup

Validate employee and partner vaccine statuses, directly from state databases (CA, NY, IL, MA, VA and more).

  • Validate employee and partner vaccine statuses, directly from state databases (CA, NY, IL, MA, VA and more)
  • Get started almost immediately through one, easy-to-implement integration
  • Implementation is free and use is competitively priced

360º Solutions for Every Environment

Safe & Clear

Turnkey Vaccination and Testing Compliance

  • Easily Demonstrate Compliance: All information tied together on one, centralized dashboard.
  • Plug and Play: Get started in as little as 1 day with a complete compliance platform.
  • Stay One Step Ahead: Designed to easily adjust to new vaccine or testing requirements.

Verify Vaccinations

A simple, secure platform allows employees to quickly upload their vaccination information. Vaccination records can be automatically verified against state databases.


Track Testing 

COVID-19 results are automatically pulled in from your testing partner or testing can be coordinated directly in our platform. All results are stored in compliance with HIPAA standards.


At-A-Glance Compliance

Vaccination and testing data is compiled in one, easy-to-use, HIPAA compliant platform. Alternatively our systems can be used directly within your HRIS program.

Get Started With A Free Consultation

Our testing experts can work with you to design a testing program that fits your unique needs.