Customer story

GNC’s existing supplement products digitally wrapped to create a new product brand, GNC4U

Personalized daily vitamin and supplement packs delivered right to your door

GNC is changing the way their customers take supplements with GNC4U. The mix of personalization and convenience results in a highly engaging customer experience.

All the benefits of personalization without the hassle

Launch fast, iterate and learn

Easy integration allowed GNC to launch the initial version of GNC4U within months. As they continued to learn about their customer's experience with the platform, they were able to continue adding custom features to GNC4U.


Personalized GNC supplements

Customers receive personalized recommendations of GNC supplements based on their DNA and lifestyle information.

Supplements delivered to their doorstep

1health integrated with GNC's packing and shipping partners in order to deliver personalized daily packs of supplements right to the customer's door.


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