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Personalized supplements tailored to your customers

1health is a modern, smart platform to help you launch engaging, data driven health and wellness products fast and easy.

Don’t be just another bottle on the shelf. We'll help you be your customers' one-stop shop. Here's how it works:

Get to know your customers

Design your own lifestyle quiz to learn about your customers' health goals, medications, diet, and health history. Add diagnostic information like DNA, blood and more.

provide dna and lifestyle

Your branded supplements recommended to your customers

Our AI engine will look at all the information your customers provide and your product ingredients to recommend the right products for the customer.

Customers can personalize their recommendations

Customers can add or remove supplements from their recommendations for further personalization.

customer can personalize

Your customers get packs delivered right to their doorstep

Integrate with your packing and shipping facilities to deliver personalized packs to your customer's doorstep. This provides customers with a convenient experience that makes them more likely to stick with a supplement plan.

Your customers' recommendations stay up to date

When customers' goals and health conditions change, so do their supplement recommendations. Additionally, recommendations change as the latest scientific data is added to the platform.

recommendation up to date

Give your customers more than just personalized supplements

You can include other personalized reports, such as diet and exercise, to further engage your customer.

What 1health can do for your business

Everything you need under the same roof

GNC case study

GNC's existing supplement products digitally wrapped to create a new product brand GNC4U


Personalized daily vitamin and supplement packs delivered right to your door.

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