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1health is a modern, smart platform to help you launch engaging, data driven health and wellness products fast and easy.

Engage your customer daily

Your customers no longer want a simple product or service, they want a complete digital experience that is personalized to their daily health and wellness goals.


Give your customers personalized diet recommendations tailored to their health goals, medication, DNA, microbiome, lab results and more. Our AI platform will help you deliver dynamic recommendations regardless of the complexity of your member population.

  • Recommended Calorie Intake
  • Recommended Macronutrient Breakdown
  • Personalized Menus
  • Accounts for Allergies and Dietary Restrictions
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Customers are given personalized
exercise plans.

  • Recommended Calorie burn
  • Accommodates preferred exercises
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Genetic Traits

If customers choose to provide a DNA sample, they receive their likelihood of developing dozens of genetic traits.

  • Diet traits
  • Exercise traits
  • Vitamin and mineral traits
  • Skin traits
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Customers are given personalized supplement recommendations based on their health profile including medication, DNA, lab results or any other rules you want to encode in the platform.

  • Recommendations based on the latest science
  • Reasons for recommendation
  • Ability to purchase a monthly subscription
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If customers choose to provide a DNA sample, they receive a breakdown of their global ancestry.

  • 24 ethnic regions
  • Percentage breakdowns
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Nutritional Consultation

Customers can consult with a nutrition advisor to better understand their dietary needs.

  • One-on-one messages with a nutritional advisor
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