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priorAuth Pain Points

Highly Manual Process.

Mistakes/Errors Lead to Denials.

Chasing Data After Testing.

Each Insurer is Different.

Why priorAuth is Important

14.9 hrs/wk

Physicians spend an average of 14.9 hrs/wk on prior authorization tasks, which can result in significant administrative burdens and delays in patient care.


of physicians reported that prior authorization requirements have a negative impact on patient clinical outcomes.


of healthcare organizations reported an increase in pre-authorization requirements over the past year, with 70% reporting that the requirements are a significant administrative burden.


of cancer patients experienced a delay in treatment due to prior authorization requirements, with a median delay of 6 days.

Who We Help



1health’s workflows can automate your Lab’s priorAuth process without changing existing workflows.


Boost Efficiency with Automated priorAuth with 1health

We automate so much of the clinical data collection to speed up priorAuth and lower manual labor cost while speeding up order flow and improve reimbursement amount and turn around time.


How 1health Helps Labs

Laboratories often need priorAuth for expensive or complex tests, such as genetic testing, or specialized blood tests or they don’t get reimbursed. As simple as that! We automate the clinical data collection to speed up priorAuth.


Configurable Workflows allow priorAuth steps to be placed upfront

Enforce eligibility / priorAuth steps early in the process.

Proactive approach to data collection.

Collect right information, the first time.

Offer explicit workflows per testing situation.

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