At-Home Vitamin D
Blood Test

  • Self-Administer At-Home
  • Finger-prick
  • Maintain Bone & Cellular Health

How It Works


Step 1: Order Test Kits

Use the form above to order kits and your test kits will be delivered promptly.


Step 2: Register Your Test Kit

When your test kit arrives, follow the simple instructions to ensure your test is registered with your personal information.


Step 3: Collect Your Sample

Everything you need is included, and collection takes only a few minutes. Use the shipping return mailer to send your sample to the lab.


Step 4: Receive Your Results

Once the lab receives your sample, you will get your test results and recommendations within 5 days.

In the human body, vitamin D is produced due to the effect of ultraviolet light (sunshine) on the skin, or is taken in via supplements or fortified food sources. It’s most well known function is to regulate calcium concentrations in the body, but more and more research is showing that it plays a much larger and more important role, especially within the immune system.

Studies have found that the protective aspects of vitamin D begin to be seen at serum concentrations of 20-30 nm/mL, but according to conventional standards normal range is between 25 and 80 ng/mL.

Collection Method
Blood Spot

Digital Results Available Within
3-5 days of the lab receiving the sample

Markers Included:
Vitamin D